How to Replace Ink in Brother DCP-J105 Printer?

There are many different type of Brother Printer with different functions. Similarly with DCP-J105 comes with different features. In this article, we are providing you few steps to replace ink in Brother DCP-J105 Printer. We have formed a reliable technical support at Brother Printer Support Canada, who keeps track of all the customers need and fulfilled them by providing an appropriate resolution.

Go through the following steps to replace the ink of Brother DCP-J105 Printer:

Step1- Initially, you have to open the cartridge cover, if one or more of the ink has reached the end of their life, its display shows B & W Print only or B& W 1-Sided print only or cannot print
Step2- Then you needs to press the lock release level, in order to release the color indicated on the machine’s display. Now, remove the cartridge from the machine
Step3- Now, open the new cartridge bag for the color indicated on the machine’s display and then takes out the ink cartridge
Step4- Later on, you have to turn the green release lever on the orange protective packing counter clock wise till the time it click to release the vacuum seal. Now remove the orange protective packing
Step5- Now you will see that the each color has its own correct position. You have to insert the color in the direction of the arrow on the label.

Step6- Thereafter, wisely push the back of the cartridge marked “PUSH” until it latches, and then close the cartridge cover.

Step7- At the last step, you have to verify the color of the replaced color according to the instructions on the machine’s display. The machine will automatically reset the ink dot counter.
After these steps, you will surely be able to replace it. If you want any other assistance from our technical assistance, feel free to contact us through Brother support contact number 1-844-888-3870.
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